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    ePO 5.9 & MSME 8.5x for Microsoft Exchange 2010 14.0?




      I just installed ePO 5.9 manually, because with the ePO suite it installs 5.3 which I thought it was unnecessary to continue with it since there was a newer version.


      Now I want to install MSME 8.51 for my exchange server 2010 which is running on version 14.02 ( from some sources I found out this version has no Service Packs ), on Windows Server 2012 R2.


      I've been trying to read all the documentation provided for MSME and ePO 5.9 , but the information I get is way too overwhelming, and hopefully some of you can clarify some points for me.


      1) Should I upgrade MS Exchange 2010 to SP3? According to this doc, it says MSME 8.51 does not support anything lower than SP3 ( McAfee Corporate KB - Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for Security for Microsoft Exchange 8.5.x… )


      2) It seems that MSME 8.5 still supports MS Exchange 2010 SP2, should I just use this version of MSME and upgrade my MS exch to SP2? ( https://kc.mcafee.com/resources/sites/MCAFEE/content/live/PRODUCT_DOCUMENTATION/ 25000/PD25407/en_US/msme_850_pg_en- us.pd…)


      3) Should I upgrade my MS exchange altogether up to SP3, and use all the latest versions of ePO and MSME?


      4) Should I just revert back to using ePO 5.3 which is included in the suite installer?



      Thanks and all the help is much appreciated.

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          Well if you are using ePO 5.9 and you want to manage MSME 8.5 then you would need compatible extension.

          The Extension for MSME 8.5.1 in software manager is compatible with MSME 8.5.1 and its 3 available HFs.


          I don't believe the MSME 8.5 original extension will even install in ePO 5.9  - don't think its on the compatibility list.


          If you manage 8.5 with latest extension then there are incompatibilites in internal components and items such as antispam B&W lists may not work as expected in the actual scan process.


          You could remain with with unmanaged MSME at current level but most if not all the issues you could face with that version would have been resolved in MSME 8.5.1 or possibly any of its 3 Hfs.


          Not sure also if MS are providing support for that version of Exchange - End Of Exchange 2010 SP2 Support – 250 Hello

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            i'm actually in holliday so far from my server but from memory, for MSME in ePO 5.9,  you need 8.51 version with latest extension AND latest hotfix. I'll check asap this information



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              I uninstalled the whole thing, because the newest version of ePO seemed to have trouble supporting their own previous products like VSE etc which I couldn't risk to continue with.


              Ended up installing ePO 5.3 through ePA Suite installer, upgraded my MS Exchange to 2010 SP3 and now im in the process of configuring it with MSME.


              Thanks for all the help