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    Windows 10 Update fails when MCP is active




      We have several Windows 10 clients which received following error code when windows update settings are checked: 0x80245006


      First, I used the Fix windows update errors:



      This tool mentiond that there are some corruption in my database. The tool was able to fix them.


      ...but my problem still exists afterwards so I continued with that - Step 1 and Step 2:

      Windows Update Error 0x80245006 - Microsoft Community


      Checked windows update again and... 0x80245006 :-(


      So I decided to bypass my MCP for 5 minutes to check if windows update will work within that short time range and yeah it works!

      My client was able to check for updates and downloading starts immediately....


      Five minutes later: Downloading updates 11%

      My client stucks at this point due to the fact the MCP was coming back online.


      Does anyone else has or had this problem?