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    DLP Upgrade Across an Enterprise


      Good day fellow McAfee users!


      I completed an upgrade recently of our Enterprise from DLP 9.3.4 to DLP 10.x. This of course involved several upgrades from 9.3.4 to 9.3.633 to 9.4 and finally to 10. I did complete the necessary DLP Policy conversions and followed the McAfee documentation carefully.


      My issue is this, I have some clients that refuse to accept the upgrade through epo. Some are still at 9.3.633 while the rest are at 10.x. They are appropriately tagged and the task associated to the tag is set to run every night. The systems not upgrading do communicate to the server, collect/send props works just fine, as far as I can tell nothing is wrong.


      Any thoughts on how to get the remaining upgraded?

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          Have a look at the logs in:




          on one of the stubborn machines and see where the task fails. Could be a clue there.


          Next, run the first upgrade step manually by copying the 9.3.633 package to one of the endpoints and see what happens. Chances are it'll fail, rollback, and tell you the reason.

          If not try the next package in the upgrade chain till you find the problem.





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            Select one of the systems stuck on 9.3 in the system tree then actions>agent> show client events --- do you see any indication of the task attempting to run? Knowing whether or not the task is being sent to those still on the legacy version will tell you a lot right away.


            FYI - the upgrade path you are taking is not necessary. Without looking, I can't say definitively that the 9.3.4 to 9.3.633 is unnecessary but you can certainly go straight to DLPe 10 from 9.3.633.

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              Well I viewed the logs and all that that jazz, unfortunately there were no clues and no success stories. We wound up just reimaging the problem children. Thanks guys!

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                Sometimes that is the most time efficient way!