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    ePo 4.0 with 2 NIC's - using the wrong IP


      I'm just setting up ePo 4.0 and have realised that whilst looking in the logs, all of the machines seem to be trying to communicate with the wrong IP/interface.

      I've found this article (Agents fail to connect to ePO or ProtectionPilot servers with two IP addresses) but it only seems to be valid for ePo3

      This article says how to change IP (ePO 4.0 - Changing the ePO server IP address) - but that's just with one card, it doesn't specify how to change the IP on a server with either 2 P's or 2 NIC's.

      The clients do communicate eventually, this must be when they try to connect using the FQDN rather than the IP. This will obviously take longer for machines to communicate with the server, create unneeded network traffic and maybe cause other issues down the line.

      Is there a way to set this for ePo 4?