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    Service doesn't start after clean install + reboot




      We are just starting out with McAfee Endpoint Security (before we were using VSE8.8). Since the install of ENS I keep having issues with my computer.

      After uninstalling VSE + Agent, rebooting, installing the new agent, reboot, and installing ENS 10.5 everything seems to work just fine... until you reboot the system.


      Then it's just : Framework service isn't running.

      McAfee Agent-controle displays a message : "the agent-service has been stopped"

      This is what McAfee protectionstatus displays : Endpoint Security-platfrom isn't active


      I've added an attachment with my error log that was created this morning after my last clean install


      We used the special uninstaller software to make sure everything from the old installs would be gone


      I'm hoping someone will know what the issue is. none of the other test devices are displaying this issue


      We'd prefer to find a solution instead of doing a reinstall


      We wouldn't like to face this when we deploy to a few thousand devices...


      (Just FYI, I'm pretty new at this ENS stuff)