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    EPO 3.5 and Network Discovery

      Morning all,

      Quick question i am hoping someone may be able to answer for me.

      In EPO 3.5, how was network discovery setup and where can i find the details for this?

      I have tried the rogue system detection but found nothing so far.

      The reason i ask is that i have an old EPO 3.5 server that was handed over to myself with no information and am currently in the process of building a brand new EPO 4 server.

      Due to the nature of my network architecture i am unable to do a network discovery of the devices that will be managed so i will be deploying EPO agents to these via other methods for them to check into the server and as such want to make sure that the EPO 3.5 setup did not have any settings i may have missed.
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          Laszlo G
          If you are working with an already installed ePO 3.5 for the fist time I would advise you to directly start with a fresh new ePO 4.0 because the GUI from ePO 4.0 and 3.5 are extremely different and I think it's not very interesting learning how to manage an old ePO 3.5 and then begin learning again an ePO 4.0

          By the way network discovery (such as AD discovery) is really easier on ePO 4.0 than on 3.5 wink