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    Mcafee and relationship with its users/consumers


      So I have just recently began to use Mcafee again, and I really appreciate a lot of things with Mcafee that are "new" /and different since my last using Mcafee security products. Also, so far customer support has been very dedicated and tried to help me.

      I used another product previously and I was just greatly disappointed with there response to my security needs, in whats been a troubling endeavor. I have a problem that must be dealt with and im posting about it here just following the portals prompts to post, hope this is the right place and i'll make a long story short.

      I just want to know how serious is Mcafee about its security products and the security related problems users face in an online world? For instance , a Mcafee customer being hacked. I dont know anything about hacking and its taken me months only to understand that someones sitting there relentlessly hacking me with remote access tools, or "ratting" me as they say. Its put me through hell and no-one has helped me or really even tried until about two days ago when Mcafee tech support tried. I know nothing about hacking and have lost two computers, one of which I honestly was in love with, but I got rid of them because I didnt know they could be salvaged; like I said my previous security software provider proved worthless and even insulting when trouble hit me. Ive had the same hacker, same method of attack, same hack, relentlessly seriously stalking me and destroying everything available in cyber-world which is "everything" to a hacker going unchecked.

      Im on my third laptop now, and its file system integrity/operating system or whatever has been gutted, crippled, destroyed, corrupted basically in a fashion that renders me defenseless.

      It has been almost exactly 6 entire months now I have dealt with this cyber-stalker destroying me operating systems, hacking my family members even, going through my emails, hacking my online pharmacy account. I mean.....

      I need someone that will help.

      If Mcafee support needs to gain remote access and download my firewall logs/ and or whatever needs to be done will Mcafee please do this? I am being targeted by a crazy person and it cant be overlooked anymore this has to be dealt with.

      Looking for advice/ assistance as soon as possible please, thanks.


      Bobby W.

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