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    Unable to export report to email on EPO 4.0 Patch 3

      Hi All,

      I am trying to automate a report and send it via email but I keep getting an error. It doesn't matter what query I run, it always comes back with this message:

      When I manually run a query:

      Export to email results:
      Export information: Could not export to email (ePO: Distributed Repository Status) due to an unexpected error sending the email.

      When I automate it:

      3/2/09 1:34:52 PM Started: Run Query
      3/2/09 1:34:53 PM Completed: Run Query (The query 'ePO: Compliance Summary' was run as a scheduled command or part of a scheduled command chain. )
      3/2/09 1:34:53 PM Started: Email File - myemailaddressishere,
      3/2/09 1:34:56 PM Weekly Emailing of Compliancy Report (Export to email (Weekly McAfee Compliancy Report) has an invalid input.)

      I have correctly configured our email server and done a test email ok. Manual running of reports is fine, they just won't email out :mad:

      any ideas?