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    weeva2h.top browser redirect


      I am haunted with browser redirects that shortly displays weeva2h.top and then send me to some strange web site.

      Sometime porn related, some time a phising site asking for usernames and passwords and sometime just advertising.

      My google search page looks strange and in reality searches are done by Yahoo until I reload the page


      I have not installed any programs in many month, but some programs has been automatically updated

      I have been running Avast for many years but it cannot solve this problem.

      I have used malwarebyte, adwcleaner and bitdefender but no luck.

      I have  disabled all browser addons , cleared the cache and even  re-installed my Firefox browser

      I cannot see any strange programs installed on my windows 10 PC


      Now i have bought McAfee Antivirus and done a full scan of my PC, but still no luck


      Is there anything to do, but reinstall my windows?