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    False Artemis!C8B051F849FD


      McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Notification


      McAfee Product Action: Malware deleted


      Description: Notifications sends an e-mail message when
      "Threat Detected and Deleted " events are received.


      Source Computer: _


      Affected Computer: DA30318


      Last Logged on User: CORP\MA_EnglanP


      Affected IP address:


      Affected Object:


      Actual Threat Names: Artemis!C8B051F849FD


      Actual Threat Type: Trojan


      Actual Products: VirusScan Enterprise


      DAT version of Detecting Product (VSE): 8489.0000


      This is an informational message, unless a large number
      of the same Virus/Worm are being detected.


      For additional information, see the Notification Log in
      the ePolicy Orchestrator console.

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