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    EPO 4 (Build 1151) - Query/ DAT Depolyment over time

      Hey everybody,
      I have found myself searching for 3 days now for a query or the options to build one.
      We are trying to figure out the DAT deployment to systems over time (days/weeks).
      Today we have about 3-4 DAT's (some agents wont update the DAT but its another problem we are solving currently).
      We are about to deploy a new DAT and we want to see a chart (grouped bar chart) that will conclude the DAT deployment in days.

      I am sorry if I'm not so clear.
      The chart should look like that:

      The X line should have dates (day/weeks/months) and the Y line should have the amount of computers.
      And at the grouped bars there would be the DAT versions.

      If anyone has an idea on preforming such a query i would love to hear about it.

      Great week.