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      Does anyone have M8000XC sensors?


      Has anyone upgraded their M8000XC sensors to and if so has there been any problems?


      I've had 6 of these for 5 years and we have never had a stable MR upgrade,  alot of network outages, intermittent connectivity,  sibytes errors...

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          Hi Dan,


          I haven't upgraded any M-Series to yet, I moved to the release when it came out, but it was retracted a couple of weeks later, so I'll wait until this one is out 4 - 6 weeks with out major issues before upgrading to .27.


          There is an issue with upgrading from some previous versions to, review this before you upgrade.




          The M-Series release notes state that they have fixed a few of the issues with sensors going to bad health, auto-recovering and rebooting, but the known issues list still has an issue that cause them to auto recover "In rare scenarios".


          McAfee Corporate KB - Network Security Platform 8.3.x Known Issues KB86387


          We have had to stop running some of our M-series sensors in in-line mode for the same reasons you list above, they kept causing network outages and making us very unpopular.



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            I do not have M-8000XC in my environment, however, with any upgrade, it is best to test this in a non production environment as well as weigh the risks vs the rewards.


            My recommendation, if you are worried about this having issues, wait a few weeks and let others test it for you. Then contact support and ask them if anyone has reported issues with