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    Configuring virus scan 8.7.0i from EPo

      Hi guys

      Be patient with me - newbie to EPo

      I am trying to do something which I thought would be very simple - hopefully for you experts it will be

      I have just installed EPo 4.00 on windows server 2003. I have successfully pushed down mcafee agent and enterprise virus scan 8.7.0i to a few test PCs - all good. I have configured the master repositry to pull down updates every evening.

      All i want to do is to configure the clients to update from the repositry at a certain time and for the antivirus scan to run at a certain time

      I have been through all the policies and client tasks on EPo but i still cant seem to configure it!

      Can anyone explain or point me to a step by step guide?

      Many thanks

      Richard happy
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          Are you saying that you can see where to configure it but it doesn't seem to work or that you can't see where to configure the components of the process ?

          The Repository confiuration for the clinets group isconfigured via the ePO Agent "Configuration>Repositories" tab and the Deployment Task is configured via the "Deployment Task>Settings" tab.

          I'm still using ePO 3.5/3.6 so I hope this actually means something to an ePO 4 user....:)

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            I believe you need to modify one and create one new client tasks.

            • modify the "Deploy Agent" task (don't ask me why it's with the Agent tasks) so it also takes new DAT & so on
            • the other will be an "On Demand Scan (VSE...)" task