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    Protection Pilot install on Windows 2008 server 64 bits

      Does anyone know when McAfee will support Protection Pilot for Windows 2008 Standard Server for 64 bit?

        • 1. PP End-of-Life July 1st, 2009
          This would indicate that McAfee will not support any use of ProtectionPilot.

          I believe any new development has long since ended for ProtectionPilot. If it does not run on 64bit version of Server 2008, it is highly unlikely McAfee will modify the product, test, then make it available between now and July 1, 2009 much less support it thereafter.

          Using your valid Grant Number you should be able to replace ProtectionPilot with ePO. I believe this is your most likely solution.

          Have fun,
          Ron Metzger