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    Upgrade from Legacy to ENS 10.5 Questions




      Our company is looking to upgrade from Legacy McAfee (VSE, HIPS, SiteAdvisor) to the latest ENS.


      I have a few questions, which the documentation couldn't answer for me.


      1. Can ENS coexist with the legacy applications on the same computer?
      2. Does VSE, SIteAdvisor and HIPS need to be uninstalled off of each system before installing ENS?
      3. Once the Legacy Policies in EPO are migrated to ENS, will the computers still running Legacy use the ENS policies?
      4. Would it be recommended to upgrade our current EPO server, or build a new one and migrate users over?


      Thank you,

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          1. Depends on the product.  ENS will remove VSE, but if you install the ENS Firewall module, it can live beside HIPS, but will disable the firewall functionality in HIPS.  I'm not hugely familiar with SiteAdvisor, but I believe the ENS WebControl module replaces that.
          2. When I deployed ENS, I didn't need to uninstall VSE first.  The ENS installation took care of it for me.  HIPS will probably not uninstall, as they can coexist.
          3. No, the VSE policies apply to VSE, and the ENS policies apply to ENS.  They are separate policies.
          4. I can't answer that one for you, unfortunately.  I inherited a messy environment that I've upgraded from ePO 4.6 to 5.3.2 (in stages), but now am thinking for 5.9 I'll build a new host and migrate to it, as I'm having little problems that seem to be caused by legacy extensions and bits of old software have been previously removed.  I'm also generally a big fan of rebuild when possible, especially when the old system is in an unknown state, since it gives you a chance to be certain of what's on the server.  But again, it will depend on your circumstances; you may or may not have the spare time/skills/capacity/etc it would take to build a new server and migrate across, and an upgrade may be a better choice.
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            Two recommandation from us for all customers:


            * Upgrade the Agent from 5.0.4 to latest 5.0.5 in a first step BEFORE you MIGRATE.

            * Migrate to Latest Patch VSE 8.8 PATCH 9 before you MIGRATE

            * EPO 5.2 and 5.3 all fine > NO 5.9 customers in place > No recommandation for that (Nor reason to upgrade that first)

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