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    'Hidden' Dashboards

      I wonder if someone can help me out with the one. We're running EPO4 SP3 (4.0.0 Build 1151) and when I launch it, we've got the default 3x2 Dashboard with the McAfee Links, Master Repository, Quick Search etc. I've created some custom Dashboards and noticed that they show up as https://server:8443/console/dashboard/show3x2Layout.do?id=9
      There are other Dashboards at id2 through id8 (for example https://server:8443/console/dashboard/show3x2Layout.do?id=5) which are quite handy. I've managed to access them by going to https://server:8443/console/orionDashboardManage.do?id=5 and duplicating it to My Dashboards. I was wondering if there is a legitimate way to access these dashboards? Is something wrong with my installation?

      Thanks in advance!
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          I've answered my own question - if you log on as Admin, the other dashboards and associated queries are attached to that account. I find that rather odd in a multi-user system but that's obviously why I couldn't see them before. Anyway, I hope that helps out someone else. It also explains why I couldn't find the Duplicate Systems query that people refer to!