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    Push Agent to an IP Address

      Hi Guys,

      Ive got users at different sites in europe, the dns doesnt replicate between the sites so EPO cant push the agent out to their machine names....

      can anyone tell me if there's a way to push to an IP address? or any other way round this?
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          You can push directly to an IP address my setting the machine name up to the IP address in ePO Directory.

          Usually when you've done this the machine name will actually be reported back to the ePO server when the agent connects and will show up in Lost&Found or the appropriate site in the directory tree depeinding in the IP Filtering setup you have....

          Alternatively you can setup the machine names and IP mappings in the hosts file on the ePO server of course....

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            i cant see the option to set an IP sad im using epo v4p4
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              What happens if you just right click and create a machine and give it a name of "" for example and then right click and "send agent" ?

              (I'm using 3.5/3.6 at the moment)

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                my machines are synch using AD, they are not created manually.

                also epo v4 uses a web interface only so there is no right click hehe.

                when i go into the machine in the systems view there are no options to edit its details.
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                  on 4 you just go to systems
                  find a temp group to create your placeholder in
                  click the new system button
                  choose the top option" Deploy agents and add systems to the current group"
                  instead of entering a hostname enter an IP
                  fill in the rest of the push stuff as normal
                  give it a few minutes and wake up the IP placeholder
                  you will get the name machine via hostname checking in
                  delete the placeholder entry without removing the agent in process.

                  all done
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                    tony99 your a star, when to create a new machine in the route and typerd in its IP. no new pc got added to the system list, the epo detected it as an existing system and just linked to two together happy thanks again!