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    javascript error when creating new task

      I am running a fresh eval of EPO 4.0 with latest download of VirusScan Enterprise.
      Running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition with all latest security updates.
      OS is running under VMWare Workstation 6.5, 1 GB of RAM.
      Installed latest java runtime from Sun. (Not sure if I needed but it's there)
      I deployed a couple of agents, all OK.
      I went to create a new client task for a selected system.
      Under "Client Tasks" .. "New Task" When clicking the "New Task" button at the bottom,
      I get the following javascript error and the browser goes blank:

      Message: Object required
      Line: 115
      Char: 9
      Code: 0
      URI: https://localhost:8443/PolicyMgmt/CreateClientTask.do

      I also ran javascript console in FireFox and it dumped the following information:
      (trimmed off the extraneous junk)

      function fnSetupPage()
      Line 115
      $("inputhiddenID_ProductName").value = $("osID_Tasktype").options[$("osID_Tasktype").selectedIndex].text.split(":")[0] ;

      Error: $("osID_Tasktype") is null

      Source File: https://localhost:8443/PolicyMgmt/CreateClientTask.do?nodeID=5&nodeType=3

      This happens 100% of the time, in both Firefox and IE


      After playing around some more, I found it works fine when running the console web page from another machine.
      It appears to be a problem when running as 'localhost' only. A bug nevertheless... I will run things from remote consoles
      in meantime.