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    Updates are not being taken from local DR

      Hi All,

      We use Mcafee 8.5i with Epo server 3.6 We have three DR with more than 100 clients in each site. We have configured the replication of repository site which happens successfully but when the client checks for the updates locally, it points to the local DR and then next step, its contacts the main EPO server.

      It fails to take the update from the local distributed rep.

      Can anyone help me in this regards as things were working fine and we are in the middle of a major rollout to the clients.

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          Can you post the relevent section of an affected PC's remote Agent Log while the update is being processed ?

          Sounds like the client either doesn't have permission to accessthe Local DR or the Local DR Replication was unsucsessful and the client thinks the master repository has a newer version.

          ALso how do your client agents select their repository ? - not using ping timing are you ?

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            I've noticed that I'm getting the same problem too, I have 5 DR's on slow links, first noticed it when I set my PC to update that it went to one of these DR's and not to the main epo server literally 10 metres away. I have it set to choose on ping time, so I pinged the DR where my PC was connecting and got 13ms, then pinged the main epo server and get <1ms.

            Any ideas what's going on, this is slowly getting worse and I don't wish to think of the bandwidth usage on our remote links.
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              In that case I'd suggest you force the repository order manually on the client as a select list and move the master repository to the bottom - it should then try to use the servers in list order and will get to the master repoitory only if it has issues with the previous entries.

              If this isn't for you then post the agent log.....

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                The DR's are set by ping time, so I thought the order of the list on the client wouldn't be used, this has been the case for the last 3 months or so, only in the last couple of weeks clients have been using the wrong DR. Think I'm going to try setting DR's by subnet as this is fixed.
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                  Why not just change from ping time to list order ? that's the only way to be sure which DR the clients will try to use first.....:confused:
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                    what to say.... I initially checked with Mcafee support and they would just not check the cause. Initially asked to send server log thru MER tool.
                    After one day they asked the client log. Understandably they need the log for detailed analysis.

                    It took them 4 days to respond. Where as I deleted the DRs and recreated them, configured scheduled tasks for replication and Manually replicated each site and all worked fine.

                    McAFee Gold Supporttttttttttt ..... Very Bad most of the times.