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    Dat and AVVDat files in EPO4

      When EPO pull updates from Mcafee it downloads dat-xxxx.zip and avvdat-xxxx.zip and *.gem and *.upd files.

      All of our clients are on VS 8.5 which uses the avv and gem files.

      Is it possible to somehow setup EPO to not pull the dat and upd files as the size of the VSCANDAT1000 directory in EPO4 is really starting to kill the WAN.

      Is there a hotfix available to do this or any other method I can use?
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          I've heard rumours that this will be addressed in EPO Patch 4 - can anyone confirm this?
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            I think the difference between a gem and a upd file is that one is for Virusscan 8 and the other for 8.5. So if you have both versions on your ePO server it will download both types, if you have just the one then it wont. I am not 100% on this as I have not had time to check my ePO servers so it might be worth speaking with McAfee.

            And from speaking to my SAM today there will be changes made to the way ePO handles DAT files in the next few weeks. They are aware that the files are massive in size and are trying to address it. However, I dont think the size will dramatically decrease.

            I hope this helps or answers your questions in some way.


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              Is there some new informations about this problem?

              We always use an ePO 3.6.1 server (Patch 4) with ePo Agent 3.6.0 (.574) and all clients use VSE8.5i (Patch 6).

              I'm looking for a solution to make ePO not pull the upd and dat files.

              Just some precisions :
              I haven't the choice of the ePO server and CMA versions (French Government)
              I'm French but you probably knew it just by reading wink
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                If you only have V2-enabled products in your environment - which it sounds like you do - then you could use the V2-only source site. See KB60772 for details...