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    ePO 4 Temp files 800MB in epotempdir ?


      Does anyone know about the folder and sub folders of

      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\work\Catalina\localhost\RepositoryMgmt

      I have a heap of folders in there called

      epotempdir_1 etc thru to 22

      Its taking up 800 MB of space, anyone know what these are for, safe to delete?

      38 Minutes waiting to get a support tech so far......and counting!
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          Ok, I found a refrence to this in the release notes for Patch 4 of ePO 4.

          If anybody else has this issue then in the meantime the soloution is just to manually delete these temp directories.
          I checked this with McAfee support that its ok to do this.
          Our server had 800MB of temp files in there!!

          Total length of time on call to Mcafee was 66 minutes and 17 seconds :)
          Hopefully I have saved somebody else this hassle.