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    VSEL 2.0.3 and Github canton7/Bitpacker


      For office-work we are all on a windows-network, but we have a

      small development-department using linux. Their pc's are using

      VSEL Agent and Engine 5800.7501 or

      already 5900.7806.


      They are expecting a strange behaviour creating packages for

      linux-pc in that way, that sometimes tar.gz are no longer accessible

      on the other linux-pc, or they can't create a package using the

      bitpacker at all.


      My linux-knowledge  is poor/small, can survey the pc's over the ePo-

      console and update them. The error is reproducable at least.


      Does any of you using VSEL having similar problems?


      Are their process-exceptions in VSEL?


      Could post vsel-policies if necessary, their are some exceptions, but

      as far as i know, nothing concerning processes like creating packages.

      We set them up together with the dev-department.


      Any idea or help would be appreciated.