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    Product and configuration information - help needed




      First of all i want say hello to all of forum members.

      After of couple of days fighting with information about McAfee product i decided to ask about support.


      In my network (workgroup) i have 6 computers. Four of them are with Windows10PRO, two of them are with WindowsServer2012R2.

      Out IT guy by a product: CTPCDE-AA-AA (i think it will be the best idea to to give you order number instead of my lack of knowledge).


      What i want to do?

      I want to simply install Antyvirus protection software (the simplest, the better, with no firewall and other additional things - like e-mail scanning etc.) on euch station. Evey station will NOT have access to the internet (some products and options are required to have access).

      My questions:

      1. What i should download and from where?

      2. Is it obligatory to have one main McAfee server who will be scan other stations?

      Normally i received independent Antyvirus software and install it on euch station. That kind of solution is form the best.


      Hope you can share your knowedlege and help me