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    problem with DLP

      Hello everyone,

      I need some help please!

      I've installed epo 4 patch 3 and I added the DLP product version 2.2
      Everything went just fine, the installation successful and so on..
      I can deploy my DLP agent on the client machine and even deploy policies on it but that's where troubles are coming.
      Indeed, when i check the reports generated by DLP for example "installed agents" it's written "no agent installed" the thing I don't understand is the following one: when i check the report "policy status report" i can see that the current policy is deployed on my client machine :confused:
      What's wrong with my configuration?

      Plus, gotta say that even though the policy is deployed on the client machine, the policy isn't enforced on it.

      Help would be hugely appreciated!! :o


        • 1. no administrative events logged
          I have the same problem. I can create a filter for the log based on General Events such as User Name and Computer Name, however none of the Administrative Events work!
          (eg agent installed, agent down)

          Currently I'm simply running McAfee ePO queries / dashboards to see which PCs are Managed/Unmanaged, and whether they have DLP installed.