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    RESTful API for ESM 10


      I have been trying for the last 3 days to get any API Calls with ESM 10.0.0 (20170214 MR1) as all the Examples I have found online is for 9.6.X or earlier. I did find the hint on the change from basic authentication to post the body, so I can successfully Auth in, and use the Session Cookie and the Xsrf-Token in followup calls but even porting the Python example script (esmcheckds.py)


      {"types": ["THIRD_PARTY", "EPO", "NSM"]}


      <Response [400]>

      Input Validation Error


      I can get one of the other sample to call essmgtGetESSTime to successfully respond but every other request it's always Input Validation Error. Has the URL changed or is there any ESM API document available for 10.0.0.


      Any help/pointers is greatly appreciated.