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    how to re run the MAR initial configuration wizard ?


      i need to change some of the parameters entered in the initial configuration of the MAR appliance ?

      like the  proxy address or IP and so

      HOw to re run this initial setup  ?

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          1. You will need to login (SSH) into the MAR system's CLI using MAR system account.

          2. Once logged on, you will need change to root access using "su -" command & previous set root user password.


          3. FYI: there are several scripts available to reconfigure MAR

          a: change-hostname = will go to the point to specify MAR server host & domain name.

          b: change-services = if you want to add / remove DXL or MAR services from system

          c: reconfig-dxl = if you want to change DXL fabric communication port number

          d: reconfig-ma = setup page for specifying ePO server for MFE agent & DXL fabric registration

          e: reconfig-mar = setup page MAR service registration into MFE ePO

          f: reconfig-network = setup page MAR server network setup(IP, Subnet, Default GW etc.)

          g: reconfig-ntp = will take to to the installation step to specify NTP time source


          4. As root user in CLI, just enter one of the above scripts to start MAR system/config changes..

          Example: -bash-4.1# reconfig-network <enter> "





          Martin de Jongh

          EMEA ETS Endpoint & Management