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    CfgNaiMs.exe shows no SQL servers.

      Hi there,

      I've got an ugly problem on my hands. After a reboot our EPO server wouldn't start the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.1 server and Event Parser services.

      The server service fails due to a dependency (the event parser)
      The event parser fails because it 'has nothing to do'.

      There's an event ID 0 in the event log, 'The discription for Event ID (0) in Source (EVENTPARSER361) cannot be found'.

      Having seen something similar in the past, I checked the logon credentials. Both services are running using the local system account, and that hasn't changed. When running the CfgNaiMs.exe to see what account ePO is using to access the database, I find the list of SQL servers to be empty. Normally there's a dropdown list of our SQL servers in there, where I can select (LOCAL) and configure the logon credentials appropriately, but here it's just empty.

      I've looked in the SQL enterprise manager, and the database is there and appears to be working fine. SQL services are running and other applications are using their databases on the same SQL server without problems. I tried backing up the database, it doesn't report any inconsistencies or errors.

      Anyone ever seen something like this before?

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          Solved the issue, or at least some of it.

          The problem was related to the service account originally being used by the McAfee Epo server service to access the SQL database being locked out in active directory (mistyped password for a scheduled task).

          Unlocking the account allowed us to restart the server service and we now appear to have full functionality again on the EPO side. However, there is still no SQL servers listed in the CfgNaiMS.exe SQL server dropdown menu. I'm a little worried if this means database corruption, but haven't been able to find anything out of the ordinary on the SQL server / database.