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    Where are trusted apps? Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android)




      Sorry if this is in the wrong place or has been asked before, but I'm struggling to find an answer to this query. I know someone who has a Samsung Galaxy tab and recently installed Mcafee. They paid for the protection but only just got around to adding it to the tab. Install and registration/activation went fine.


      The user in question likes using the tab for games and a few days ago received a medium threat Artemis notification. This was related to 'Samsung Billing' which is associated with the games they play and sometime make small purchases through. They were offered the choice to disable or accept. Thinking this was a erroneous detection, they chose the accept option to add it to their trusted apps. They intend to monitor the situation, but asked how to 'disable' the app later (remove it from the trusted list and put it back on the naughty list and disable!). I had a quick look and couldn't for the life of me find a 'trusted list' section and all my Google searches and hunting through the forum seem to always point to the PC version of Mcafee, which is clearly different than the mobile version.Can anyone point me in the right direction for this information (screenshots, vid, etc)?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, and my apologies if this is in the wrong place or I've missed an obvious solution somewhere on the forum.





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          Could you provide me the actual Detection name? I can contact someone on your behalf at McAfee Labs from the *Mobile Malware Response Team*.


          Actually I need for you to submit the detection to Virustotal.com, and provide me the hashes from that submission. If you could hover over my Avatar and click on follow/Done/Okay and send them to me via Direct Message.


          Note: I am following you.

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            Hi catdaddy,


            Thanks for the speedy response. Unfortunately, I do not have the full detection name (the level of threat, App name and 'Artemis' were all that was noted). They are new users and I'm not too familiar with Mcafee for a long time (PC, but way back in the day). I'm just trying to lend a hand and make sure they're protected and we did what we thought was right at the time. That's why having the choice to 'undo' the 'trusting' part would be very helpful, but I dug around while I was there and couldn't find it for the life of me. I was hoping to be able to find a solution or step-by-step and email them the details as I don't know when I'll be back there.


            Sorry, not much use. I hope we can still make some progress.


            Thanks for your help.



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              Simply send me the Artemis 12-Digit number for starters please. I have to hurry as the NCAA Playoffs are momentarily about to start. GO Carolina Tarheels!

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                Also if you (want) McAfee to detect and quarantine it. You can open the UI/Navigate/Realtime Scanning/Remove it from the *Excluded List*

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                  Sorry, I don't have the 12-digit number. The only part they remember is the Artemis name, not the number that followed. They went into Mcafee after 'accepting' and tapped on the first option and the 'detection' was listed in there, but when they tapped on it, I guess looking for an option to 'disable' they hit the 'X' and the entry disappeared. I think it must have been an old notification? Like I said, I myself looked for a 'trusted' menu, hoping for more detail and various options -- as one would usually expect -- but I had no luck finding it. The PC version (from what I've read) seems far more logical in this regard.


                  Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate it. Please enjoy your game first and then if you have anything further to suggest (despite the near-complete lack of information) I would be very grateful. If I recall there was a 'log' menu option. Would the details you seek be in there? If so, you would need to give me some guidance how to have them navigate to that, because, like I said, I don't have the tablet here and only saw the interface briefly, so I'd struggle to guide them to it.


                  Thanks for your continued help...



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                    You can also open McAfee UI/Navigation/Quarantined Items/Expand/and see Artemis!

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                      "open McAfee UI/Navigation/Quarantined Items/Expand/and see Artemis!"

                      "open the UI/Navigate/Realtime Scanning/Remove it from the *Excluded List*"


                      The first will be useful for learning the 12 digit number and the second (potentially) for removing the app from the 'trusted' area, so it triggers in the next scan providing the 'disable' option again?


                      However, I need to email them this. I've just installed McAfee on my old smart phone (slow as ****!) and it looks pretty much the same as it does on their tablet. I don't see the menu options you are referring to. (Are you using PC version?) They can open the McAfee App easy enough, but what is the 'Navigation' they have to select? Is it a button?





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                        Sorry for my delayed response. I have been preoccupied as mentioned earlier. Hopefully The Technician I contacted will chime in in short order,and better assist you. Rather than this 'Back and forth'. Yes the suggestions I gave are from my desktop.

                        I might add that I am a *Volunteer Moderator* and assist when I am able to do.


                        All the best


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