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    Why does scheduled scanning no longer work


      I just yesterday reinstalled mcafee on a W10 machine (I uninstalled it a month or two ago due to some high cpu usage issue with process ClientAnalytics - for which there was no fix in the support forums).  When I was done I set up scheduled scanning for Sunday and Thursday at 12:20 A.M.  This morning I saw that my next scheduled scan was for 4/2 at 12:20 AM.  Now when I just looked in the security report there was nothing scheduled!  It does say that my last scan type was a scheduled scan but there is nothing showing as far as my next scheduled scan.  You can click 'Schedule and Run Scans' on the main menu but when you get to the next screen there is no longer even the option to set up a scheduled scan.  I don't know what happened to it.  McAfee seems to have updated itself and removed the schedule option.  It also says it scanned 9400 files on a machine that has hundreds of thousands of files.


      I ran into this problem on my W7 machine months ago.  Scheduled scans weren't being run.  I called tech support chat and they had me reinstall - a nuisance I shouldn't have had to go through - and that still didn't get the scheduled scan option.  I was then told that scans are now being done in the background so the 'schedule' option was removed. I was very skeptical of this.  Yesterday when I opened mcafee to look at something I got a message that my machine hasn't been scanned in over a month!!!  So this background scan stuff sounds like it was ** and the tech support I received wasn't worth a ****.


      I also want to note that when I do a manual scan it scans a small fraction of the files that it used to.  Back when scheduled scan worked I would see that it scanned 500,000 files.  The last scan says it scanned 85000 files.  I don't feel very comfortable about this.


      I have a 3 year - 5 license subscription and I can't say I am happy with mcafee lately.  I'm ready to eat the last 230 days and find something that works.

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