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    ENS 10.5 & EMC Avamar Backups


      I have a Windows 2012R2 test server that has had backup failures for about a week, and it started when I installed ENS 10.5 on the server.  The server is physical and pretty beefy with respect to processor and memory because it will be used for SQL.  I configured all the exceptions as per EMC documentation, and the backup would just stall.  After much troubleshooting, here's what I've been able to prove:


      1. The Let McAfee Decide option is totally worthless for the Avamar client and agent, but if this is changed to When writing to disk under the Standard process tab, backups not only run but they run at Formula-1 speed.
      2. Configuring On-Access Scanning to use different settings for High and Low risk processes still yield the same result regardless of the classification of the processes.  As a matter of fact, I configured both Avamar processes as Low risk and set the When to scan option to Do not scan when reading from or writing to disk.  The backup still crawled with this configuration.  However, keeping this configuration and setting the When to scan option under the Standard tab to When writing to disk allowed the backup to fly and complete in under an hour.


      So here's my questions.


      1. Are any other agent-based backup applications having the same problem?
      2. Doesn't it defeat the purpose endpoint protection to not have On-Access Scanning on read and write running on a server?  Halfway protecting an endpoint (a server at that) doesn't seem like a value-add proposition.
      3. How does one defend against the inherit risks if disk reads are prohibited?