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    New to ePO: Clarification of terms

      Alright, so I've just started a new job and one of my first tasks is to impliment McAfee AntiSpyware into ePO.

      There are, naturally, some concerns with how it will effect things in the live environment so certain things will be disabled to start with.

      Primarily we would like to deploy the spyware portion in Detect mode while maintaining the current policies for Viruses. We plan to do this for a period of time to determine what McAfee is going to detect and if it will effect anything once it starts cleaning.

      So, my question comes to this: Under "On-Acces Default Processes Policies" if I set Actions to "Clean/Delete" and Unwanted Programs to "Allow access to files", does that effectively Clean/Delete any Viruses that are found and only detect the presence of other malware threats?


      ePO Version
      AntiVirus/AntiSpyware Version 8.5i