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    Upgrading from 3.6.1 to EPO4


      I'm in the process of evaluating EPO4, which has had me scratching my head quite a bit since the interface has changed immensly. Anyway, what I'm wondering is if I upgrade our current EPO 3.6.1 server to EPO 4.0, how much data, or more specifically, what data does get transfered to the new version? Will I still have my tasks/policies and tree structure intact, or will I have to restructure from scratch?
      I'm also guessing it is not possible to simply let EPO 4.0 read the 3.6.1 database?
      If I want to install a new server in our virtual environment and set it up with a clean install of EPO 4.0, and then shutdown the old server, and let EPO4 read the 3.6.1 database?

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          Laszlo G
          If you plan a clean install of ePO 4.0 it will also install SQLExpress 2005 for beeing used as database but if you upgrade from a 3.6.1 to a 4.0 the MSDE 2000 Database from ePO 3.6.1 will be kept so I don't think it would be as easy as connecting to another database