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    Zeus Desperation


      Hi folks,


      Sorry if answered, I am over searching and searching to get answers.


      I cannot remove this virus from my computer.  McAfee Total Protection does not pick it up.  Stinger does not pick it up.  At wit's end.  Have tried Google for assistance - processes too complicated for a novice like me.  Do I need to take my PC to an outside source and get it fixed?  Why can't McAfee fix this virus?




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          I suggest trying this Reputable Removal Guide; How to easily remove Zeus Trojan from Windows (Virus Removal Guide)


          Follow the steps in order as suggested.It is important to do so as each application serves it,s purpose.

          Only run *Zemana Anti-Malware* unless needed, and after running the other apps first.

          This is a powerful tool.

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            Thank you for posting this suggestion, I do appreciate your efforts to assist.  Unfortunately, it has not resolved the issue, and has created more problems for me by signing me out of every account I was previously signed into, after I ran the Malwarebytes software.  Hitman Pro aftert that, picked up nothing and then asked me for a product key.  I am reluctant to now run the Zemana antimalware because I'm concerned now about what changes this is going to make to my computer set-up.  I think I'll just take my computer to an IT person.

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              I have personally ran the *Zemana Anti-Malware* Tool before and experienced nothing untoward. Of course that is your perogative. I might suggest that you seek help from *Bleeping Computer* as they are specialists and there is no cost. You can obtain these suggestions from Here  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


              Keep in mind also that McAfee has a Pledge for anyone whom has their *Auto Renewal Settings* enabled. please read:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/432478#432478


              Hope this helps...

              All the best,


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                Thanks again but I find the info in that link utterly confusing.  All my settings are gone from the last process with Malawarebytes and the pop-up Zeus messages still there.  I'm probably going to scratch my own face off attempting to fix all this myself.

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                  I,m sorry as Malwarebytes is considered to be most reliable and safe by the industry. Have you taken a look at the McAfee pledge? I apologize for your continued issues, as normally those guides work.

                  Just trying to help...


                  Have you tried restoring back to an earlier point in time before the infection occurred?

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                    I am trying a System Restore on my PC now.  I have tried restores prior to this one too when the malware first made itself known as well.


                    I looked at the pledge and it requires me to be on auto-renewal, which I don't want to be - and on reflection, I think it should be available to anyone who has the product, which I've had for years.  I also don't understand why McAfee isn't/hasn't developed an update to prevent the malware from infiltrating in the first place?  It doesn't even see it.


                       I'm a bit computered-out and frustrated at the moment and might take a break from it til tomorrow.


                    Thanks again, I know you're trying to help and I do appreciate it even though I might appear snappy  

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                      I understand. (Hint) You can always turn your Auto Renewal Settings on) then back off again before time to renew.  Take care and all the best.


                      Please let us know if you got your issue resolved.

                      Thank you