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    Activity Window empty


      Hey there,


      I have just installed Safe Family on a Windows 10 and I can see the numbers on the different activities, but when I click on them to check the activities, the window is empty.

      I just get a message, that maybe there was no activity or Safe Family wasn't installed. I've checked the firewall rules and they seem to fit. The rest also works as intended.

      Any ideas, why I can't see any activity?



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                             I will contact a *Expert* from the Safe Family Team to address your concerns.

                             esaung  Could you please assist this customer?

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            Hi berytak


            Can you provide a screenshot of what you see?


            Have you set up a device for your child yet? if so, what device type have you setup - windows, android, or iOS?


            let's see if we can find out what is going on.




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              Hi saung


              I have two Windows 10 PCs and an Android device. On one PC I set up with a child profile and the other devices a parent profile.

              Actually I can see the activities, but they are very outdated.



              This is a screenshot of the newest app activity. This entry is 2h old from the time I took the screenshot. Meanwhile several other apps where startet, but they are not shown in the activity list. I have the same issue with the web accesses.

              I guess the other accesses will be shown in roughly 1h, like the one from the screenshot. This is the same behavior as on my Android mobile device.

              I'd like to see the activities in realtime and not with a 1h offset




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                thanks, for the apps you're expecting to see, are you seeing them eventually (with a 1 hour offset) and how is that working whether your child is on android or windows? are you seeing the activity show up more quickly or less quickly when the activity is coming from either of those two devices?

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                  My child is only using a windows pc and the 1h offset occures on both, my windows pc and my android mobile. When one of my devices shows the activity the other one shows it too. So it works vice versa. But the real strange thing is, that I see a notification in the overview, that there are new activities. However like I tould in my initial post, they are not shown in detail, only after the 1h offset.


                  Thanks in advance


                  Cheers Berytak