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    LiveSafe UI is partially functional after an Update


      I did an update on the 16th and I got the 14.0 version of this software installed. I immediately starting having connectivity problems, but I assumed it was due to my DSL connection and not the McAfee firewall. A few days ago, I tried to kick off a full scan manually and nothing happened. I rebooted and tried again. Still nothing. Repeated the process again and again and still nothing. I tried to do an update, and again nothing happened. I tried to change my updates from manual to automatic and the UI doesn't respond. I tried to get my subscription status and again... nothing. I know my subscription is good for another 3 months though. In short, the LiveSafe UI is only partially functional and none of the things I need to do to protect my computer actually work anymore. Googling brought me here and this is apparently a known problem. How these problems weren't caught before rolling out this lousy update version is beyond me, but that's a separate issue. So here I am with no control over the software, no ability to run scans, no ability to get an update of the newer working version when it's ready, and quite a bit of uncertainty about whether or not I can even trust that the McAfee software is running and working and protecting me right now. The UI says it is, but I'm not sure I trust it anymore.


      What's the solution to this? I feel hoodwinked. Everything was fine before the last update and now I have a garbage version installed and no way to roll back to the previous version or roll forward to the new version.


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          I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties. Short of doing a Complete Uninstall/Re-install. Could you try booting back up in *Safe Mode With Networking* let it fully load and attempt to update.


          If this fails to help resolve your issue. Remove your software first to release your existing subscription, from your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Restart.


          Then follow up by running the McAfee MCPR Tool to remove any remnants/Restart if asked.

          Then of course go to your account and download/Install your software again. Please let us know your results...


          If this suggestion does not resolve your problems, I have 1 more suggestion to try.

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            Please make sure your Windows Updates are current to include Internet Explorer/Edge if applicable. For McAfee uses Internet Explorer to display the McAfee UI.

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              What is the operating system and build version of Mcafee 14.0.r10 11 12 or 13 or earlier

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                Hello Gray,

                I have edited the title of thread to match the issue that you are facing. Kindly post back the version of McAfee LiveSafe installed on your PC to investigate. You might want to try a clean install of LiveSafe by following the steps outlined in the article below (Solution 2)


                Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee

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                  Windows 7 Pro


                  LiveSafe 14.0 R12


                  The UI appears correctly, it's just that it doesn't fully function. I'll try updating IE to whatever the latest version, though I really doubt that has anything to do with the issue.

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                    IE was the latest version, so that had nothing to do with it. I rebooted in safe mode with networking and was able to launch LiveSafe and get it to run a full scan (very slowly) and also switch my updating options to automatic. However, even in safe mode, the UI didn't fully work. Any attempt at manual updating just didn't work. The UI would blink for less than a second and act like it was going to the update progress page, but then it would immediately exit. The same broken behavior I was seeing when launching Windows normally. So my question is simply this... when is the next update for the software? It looks as if my installation hasn't seen any updates available since 3/16, which is surprising considering there should be new virus definitions available at the very least. Until a fully working version is available, I can't be sure that the LiveSafe automatic update function is still working. I've no interest in completely ripping this software off my system and then doing a clean re-install with no guarantee that'll even fix the problem. So, if somebody can tell me that a later version than 14.0 R12 is coming soon that will fix everything, then I can wait. I'd just like to know how long I have to wait. BTW, the software worked fine until this lousy 14.0 R12 version was forced onto my system the last time I updated (3/16).

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                      R13 out depends on who gave you the program Mcafee or partners. 15.1.r2 out as well to affid 0 users and being slowly released. Worth waiting to see if helps. I have been running 15.0 r0 for 6 mths with zero issues re updating.

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                        I'm afraid I don't understand this. Why do some installs of the software get updated while others don't? I don't see why all installs aren't checking a central repository for updates, independent of whether or not the OEM of the computer installed the software or the customer purchased it separately. In any event, I've got a lousy version on my machine due to no fault of my own and it's been there for a month now AND THERE HAS NOT BEEN A SINGLE UPDATE(!) triggered since. No virus data files, no newer version of the McAfee tools, no nuthin'. This is beyond frustrating as I'm now experiencing severe internet lag due to the software and am getting tired of constantly rebooting to try and resolve the problem. Can somebody tell me how I can force this software to be updated right now? I have a valid subscription. I don't understand why some of us have to wait while others get patched/fixed/stable newer releases. I am rapidly losing confidence in this product.

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                          Engine, i.e. A/V updates are regular for all.  They have nothing to do with this.  Upgrades in software are distributed slowly so any problems with it can be caught before everyone gets it.

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