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    Network slow when Epo 4 Server service is running

      For about a month now I have a Epo 4 Patch 3 server running on a W2K3 SP2 server with SQL2005 and about 500 VSE 8.0 clients connected.

      Since the first day users are complaining about very slow network performance, including internet.

      As soon as the "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0 Server" Service has been stopped the network performance is restored to normal. A few minutes after starting the service again the performance is decreasing and users starts complaining again.

      I have read some more threads, all pointing to a clients VSE performance issues.
      In my case VSE (of cource still running on clients when the EPO server service stopped) does not seem to cause any problems.
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          That does not make any sense. Its normally the incorrect configuration of the client which will cause poor performance (Scanning of network drives)

          I can't see how stopping the service will cause the clients reponse to increase. unless they are on a WAN and updating their software/pattern files from the EPO server causing a increase in bandwidth.

          Are the clients/epo server on the same subnet?
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            Yes, indeed. It doesn't make any sense at all.
            I know the problems with networkdrive scanning and "all files" scanning etc in VSE policies.
            As you have read this is not the case because the performance problems should still be going on when the Server service is stopped, which is not the case.

            No, not all clients are on the same subnet.
            Normally that could cause some performance decrease when distributing dats or agent-server communication.
            Therefore I have set agent-server communication (agent 4) to 180 minutes and disabled any dat updating task in epo to see if the wan communication is causing problems.
            Still there is very poor network performance when the server service is running.
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              what speed network's are the clients on? Are you able to pull any network utilization graphs when they experience slow response? Whats the bandwidth like?
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                you could also turn down the policy enforcement interval or remove the tick that enforces tasks at policy enforcement intervals.

                you didnt have global updateing set did you?

                or RSS agents?
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                  The LAN clients (200) are all on a 100Mb network, all WAN clients (300)are on a 20Mb connection. Only a few have a connection of about 2Mb. (internet 10Mbit)
                  Unfortunately I do not have any graphs since PRTG is not properly running.. :(
                  Bandwidth should not be any problem I guess.

                  I do not have any Gloal updating or RSS agents configured.

                  Maybe it is to be found in the following:

                  The mentioned service "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0 Server" is the ePo Apache server. right?
                  Without this service running the console is still accessible and operational... (in my case)
                  Nor does ePo seem to be missing any fuctionallity.

                  Now.. I do have another application running on that server which is also using (its own) apache server (All site configured on different ports). Can it be the case that this other applications apache server is operating the ePo console without the epo's own apache server running?
                  And, if so, could it be the case that if the two apache servers are both running some kind of error is causing this network trouble (although it is not likely that apache is broadcasting huge amounts of data)..

                  The question now is if it would be any problem just to disable the ePo apache server or is it being used for anything else than the Console website?