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    VSE 8.5 update to 8.7

      Hello all,
      I am new to McAfee and (of course) new here. Very good site, A LOT OF HELP… your experience is huge and thanks for sharing it.
      My status: I have a small network with McAfee 8.5 and ePO 4.0 in place. Everything is stable and nice. It is requested to update all the clients to VSE 8.7 (for now, only two clients have 8.7) from 8.5.
      I found all the procedures; I have manually checked the VSE 8.7 installation package in the Master Repository; I have created the task to deploy VSE 8.7 – so everything is ready.
      My question is: do I have to remove first (uninstall) VSE 8.5 before installing VSE 8.7? :confused:
      It is ok to install the last one over the previous? And if I have to uninstall 8.5 do I have to do it using ePO as well?
      I am ready to do this, but I don’t know witch is the best way to follow . Any advice is well appreciated. Thanks.

      PS. I hope my post it is not misplaced. If so, I apology and you can move it in the appropriate section.
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          I've done it both ways with no issues. In general we just push out the update and 8.7 upgrades on top of 8.5 keeping all your previous settings.

          However watch out for this issue if you're using Outlook. When your users start up Outlook it throws an error about not being able to find the scan dll. I've had it happen on 90% of our machines we've upgraded. The solution can be found in the KB57977 article.
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            Thanks a lot for your fast answer. I will try to deploy the update in the next two days, and I will share my experience (of any kind).
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              Laszlo G
              If I were you, using my experience, I would never upgrade from an old version of VirusScan to a new one, we always uninstall first before installing a new version...
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                I totally agree with ulyses31 I always use the uninstall and install option in my deployment tasks and never rely on it to upgrade in place.

                you may have some which hold with nothing on for a while ( as a reboot is sometimes required between versions), but thats why the mcafee agent policy has a section in general policy for Reboot options after product deployment
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                  Well... based on you experience I think I will uninstall VSE 8.5 first, then install VSE 8.7. It is no big deals, and I think “Only fouls learn from their experience, the smart ones learn from others.” I don't want to create trouble for myself.
                  But, thanks to all for sharing the knowledge with a newcomer.
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                    Me again... the update went OK. Like most people from here I was having trouble because of 3.6 agent, but VSE8.7.0i installed fine as soon as I upgraded the agent to 4.0. It took me a few good hours to find the solution, but finally was OK. Thanks again to all.
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                      So would there be a reason why when I go to client tasks, select product deploy and when I go to select the product I only see 8.7 and not 8.5? I want to be able to uninstall 8.5 first, then add the install of 8.7, but I don't have the selection to do it.
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                        I pointed this exact reference out the last time i had a ticket with McAfee and they told me that the updates from 8.0 to 8.5 were recommended to do an uninstall first and then install of 8.5. But for 8.5 to 8.7, McAfee tech support recommended to me that the upgrades straight to 8.7 from 8.5 was what they were recommending. I suppose if I call them back, I'll get the opposite but that was what the last tech I spoke with told me. And I made sure that I went back and forth with the person over this topic for a good 10 minutes. I was assured that 8.5 to 8.7 upgrades was their preferred method.

                        It would be nice if someone from McAfee could post on this issue so we can all know for sure which is preferred because I have a feeling if I call them again I might get a different answer. That has been happening a bit lately to me.
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                          And what about updating 8.0 to 8.7?
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