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    how to set Agent update interval?

      I've just upgraded my epo from 3.5.0 to 4.0P3 and installed the new 4.0 agent and added in AV 8.7i into the epo, ive started deploying v8.7 plus the v4 agent to all the desktop pcs but i cant figure out how to change the agent settings, ie when it pulls updates from the epo etc. can anyone help?
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          Policy Catalog>
          Product: McAfee Agent
          Edit the policy "My Default" or Duplicate it to a new policy.
          Agent-to-server communication:

          Don't forget to aplly the policy to a group.
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            thanks for your response!

            yeah thats all correctly setup and enforced in my OU etc.... but my local machine is showing my DAT file being from november the 10th! the agent to server interval is set to 60 mins, and the server updated its definitions yesterday, so shouldnt my pc's agent have picked this up this morning?
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              what are the settings for the update taskyou have applied to the agents so that they will pull down updates from the server?

              just talking to the server doesnt mean it will update
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                aahhh there were no client task to push DAT updates out to the agents! perhaps this setting was not carried over in the upgrade from 3.5.0?

                i set it to run in 10 mins time... waited 10 mins and it still didnt update sad
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                  did you wake up the agents so they would pull down the task so they could run it in 10 minutes, the task comes from the agent so it would need to have been adopted by them first before it could run.

                  also dont forget that on logon/startup tasks still dont work properly
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                    it seemed to update after and hour or so later, what does the agent wakeup do?
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                      wakeing the agent up makes it pass its current properties back to epo and it also pulls down any new policies/task etc.

                      no alterations to tasks or policies will actually apply to an agent until it has checked in, you can wait for the agent to check in... but this will take a maximum of how long your communication interval is, or you can wake the agents up and they will get it asap as they cheack back in. this does have a bandwidth hit, but its not that much unless you are trying to wakeup 5000 machines at once happy
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                        ah ok well the server-agent time is set to 60mins so i guess when it next contacted the server and got new details etc it must have run the missed task?

                        ok so since that seems to be working ok now i just have a couple of little questions:

                        is it possible to do a report or something to show machines that are either a week out of date or havent contacted the server in a week or so?

                        and also is it possible to push the v8.7i client out to machines from the epo?
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                          a deployment task (much like building an update task) is used to install packages like VSE 8.7 to machines, I would re coomed that you use the remove function on the prev version when you set the install on the 8.7 version though.

                          you can easily make up a report to return the data you want, I would start with

                          reporting tab
                          new query button
                          managed systems (as the source of the data)
                          table (as the data type)

                          then just pick and choose what data you want and what the filters are like when they checked in etc)

                          when you have finished and run it to check its what you want dont forget to save it and if you have others who may want to see this and you are the epo admin you can also make it public afterwards so they can access it too
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