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    Installing AV8.7 via EPO

      Some help here would be appreciated, I'm probably missing something simple or not doing something correctly...

      I'd like to upgrade the AV clients on our Network to 8.7. However when I create a new policy (Systems, Client Tasks, New Task, with 'Type' set to 'Product Deployment (Mcafee Agent)', Next, select 'Products & Components' to Mcafee Virusscan 8.7 and Install.

      For some reason the software is not 'pushed' out to clients - The event comes up and reports that it's 100% successfull however the clients are not updating unless i go to the client PC, open up the Agent and click 'Send Events' - Then it installs fine.

      Why do you think I am having to prompt the Client to receive the task manuallyvia the Agent ?

      When I deploy the Agent that gets installed fine but not the product... ?

      Many Thanks