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    AD Sync.

      Am i right in thinking that syncing AD requires just doing the following... ?

      System -> New Systems -> Select your Options and under 'Systems to Add' and just select your Domain ?

      Or is there an AD sync. Tool that needs to be run ?

      Many Thanks
        • 1. Some example
          Synchronization Settings for My Organization > Lost&Found > DMN01 Synchronization type:
          - Active Directory
          Synchronize: Systems and container structure
          Systems that exist elsewhere in the System Tree: Leave systems in their current System Tree location only.
          Active Directory domain: DMN01
          Active Directory credentials: DMN01
          User name: Domain Admin name
          Password: *** (You Know)
          Confirm password: *** (You Know)
          Container: DC=domain,DC=local (Your top level(Root) in the domain)
          Exceptions: All OU that are not related to Computer objects. Like User OU's.

          (Y/N)Agent deployment: Deploy agents to new systems when they are discovered
          Deployment settings: Not configured
          (I prefer to disable auto Agent Deployment)

          When systems are deleted from the synchronization point:
          Delete the systems from the System Tree
          & Remove agents from deleted systems

          Take a good look at the Exeptions of the OU's
          • 2. RE: Some example
            Many Thanks for taking the time to reply however, could you briefly walk me through though how to setup an AD sync. ?

            Does Mcafee auto-discover the Domain with sync.s being scheduled every so often ort does AD need to be synced the first time ?

            The previous post you wrote i dont quite understand, were are you entering these settingson your AD Setup, It looks to me that Mcafee has already autodiscovered my domains and it's up to me to select which objects i manage ? - Is this correct ?

            Thanks for your time.
            • 3. RE: Some example
              Select your AD under Lost&Found.
              Then you can 'Edit' Synchronization type: None

              You get a great setup screen!

              Don't be scary! its only your domain.:p
              • 4. RE: Some example
                Sorry Dude, i must be having a really stupid day...

                You say under Lost & Found - Do I click New Systems under Lost and Found ?

                I'm just not yet finding that AD Setup Screen which you mention !
                • 5. RE: Some example
                  Nope not the new system button.
                  A Domain is a Group not an System
                  Use the "Group" Tab.

                  My Organization > Lost&Found > Domain01