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    Pro Pilot v1.5.0.141 client agents not updating

      Hi there

      Would very much appreciate some some advice on a Pro Pilot issue, as I am a Pro Pilot newbie.

      I have been tasked with managing a Pro Pilot install which has been neglected for some time, as evidenced by out of date Pro Pilot agents, different version of VirusScan Ent edition and out of date dats.

      I have spent some time on this server now, and the dat definitons are now updating daily, and I have just about got rid of VirusSan 8.0, with most computers now running VirusScan

      However, I still have three different versions of the Pro Pilot agent among the client computers: Out of date Out of date Most up to date

      I have tried to reinstall the Pro Pilot agent on the servers AFTER I checked in the latest Common Management Agent (3.6.0 Patch 3 and the Patch 3 Nap also) but although one or two are now showing agent version the rest are still a mix of and

      I've tried to Update, Enforce and as I said re-install the agent but I'm not making much progress.

      Is there something I can do to truly force the agents to update to the latest version available on the server?

      All advice appreciated.