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    New Version of Old Malware?


      On March 21, 2017 *.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com appeared and has been reappearing immediately upon clicking on the blue e (MS Edge) and the site repeats popping a red message saying I have a corrupted disk, blasting a spyware message and wanting me to call 844-421-5044. Also, I can not turn off MS Edge without going to the Task Manager. The message has not appeared on Chrome or AOL.


      McAfee's long scan found nothing. MS's tool found 96 corrupted files during its long scan, but at the end, the results showed no problems found and there was no mention of the 96 files. Additionally, I have automatic updates so it should have found something, unless having McAfee blocked it. (I know in the past McAfee made you turn off Windows Defender but I don't think they have asked me to do this since I installed this version of AT&T's spyware.


      I also tried Malwarebites and isolated a number of files, but .s3 is still popping up whenever I open Edge.