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    Versions of Versions... Confused !


      I've currently installed EPO v4, however how many versions of version 4 is there ?

      It looks as though I have EPOv4 Version 1 installed. Under Config, Extensions, all my server versions, ie. Common Events, Console, Core Modules etc. say version 1.

      Am I out of Date, I don't know...

      I've just installed version 4 of the Agent so that I guess that is now up to date ?

      It's very confusing though cause if I go to 'My Downloads' and then EPOv4, there are patches available however what patch is for what version of version 4 ?

      Confusing ahy !

      I am haveing an issue with pushing out Software via Tasks, ie. Mcafee 8.7. Ive checked it in etc., setup policies and have pushed out the Agents - That's all ok, but unable to install the software, even though I get a 'Success' in my logs !

      Please Help !
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          After being unsure I redownloaded the entire EPO again from 'My Products' - Makes no difference, still the same version I think.

          However now I've lost my config and unable to add any extensions.

          Going back as usuall.

          I could write a blog on this product and it wouldnt be a good one.

          1 step forward, 2 step backwards.

          It would help by making the Patch numbers and versions a lot more clearer - never known a site like it and I know a lot of products.