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SCCM Data Source in SIEM

We have SCCM Current Branch (1806) in our environment. It needs to be integrated to McAfee ESM (SIEM) so that our Security team can check Security incidents in their console.

Added the SCCM DB as Data source, connection was successful in GUI, but TCPdump doesnt show any activity.

McAfee documentation mentions ForeFront Endpoint Protection 2010 which is the old product and refers to the Database view (vwFEP_AM_NormalizedDetectionHistory
view, typically prefaced with FEPDW_*) which is not available in SCCM Database anymore. SCCM Database has V_AM_NormalizedDetectionHistory view.McAfee 1.JPGMcafee.JPG

Please suggest how can I get it working.

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Who Me Too'd this topic