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True Key premium renew error

I am not able to renew my True Key premium account. I tried it from application, also from my McAfee account but it's not possible.

If I try renew from True Key application I get following error message:

Unexpected error occurred We cannot access the feature you requested due to an unexpected error. If the problem persists, visit our support site

Error if I tried renew from Microsoft Edge browser with turn on developer console:

 SCRIPT5007: SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'handleRequest' of undefined or null reference dashboard.html (4,8444)

If I loged in to my McAfee account there only this message in my profile:

True Key™ by McAfee
Your subscription has expired

without any action posibilities.

Please can you help me with this or I should to find another service?

Who Me Too'd this topic