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Deploying ATD or vATD on VMware Workstation 14.0

Hi There,

Has anyone tried to deploy and configure ATD or vATD on a VMware Workstation?

I have tried to deploy ATD version 4.2.x and 4.4 on VMware Workstation. I was able to perform the following successfully:

  • Deployment of ATD successfull
  • VMDK import (with no errors on the provisioning tool) sucessfull
  • Image creating successfull 

I had errors during image Activation and Validation

The logs show the following:

Tue May  8 02:28:40 GST 2018::Validation fails for win10p0x64 /dev/kvm not present. Please enable VT/VT-X and set vhv.enable in vmware

Tue May  8 02:32:39 GST 2018::edit Ok: win10p0x64 mem: cpu:1

Tue May  8 02:32:39 GST 2018::Problem creating VM -- win10p0x64

The VMDK used was a Windows 10 64-Bit OS, VT/VT-X was enabled during VMDK creation and vhv is enabled on the .vmx file.

I tried deploying vATD on VMware Workstation but the template produces the following error:

'Invalid target disk adapter type: pvsci'

I ahve reached out to support and after 3 weeks of log collection, troubleshooting, making images mulitple times, upgrading, etc have been told ATD on VMware Workstation is not supported. 

Although I have talked to several people and there are some videos on the internet where ATD is been running on VMware Workstation. I am running VMware Workstation 14.0 Pro

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions on this? 

Thank you in advance. 




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Who Me Too'd this topic