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Sony Vaio laptop locked: Intel Platform Attack Detected


Our laptop was not in use for a short while, and now when I start it I keep getting an on-screen message saying 

Intel(R) AT supported system lock due to: Platform Attack Detected. 

Please select one of the following for platform recovery:

1 - User Password

2 - Server Token Password

WWAN NIC not available. 

Select one of the above options to proceed...



This device has been locked and may have been lost. 

If found, please use the following information to return the device. 


Platform ID: 00007A28

Intel(r) AT Service Provider ID: 5,000


I do not have the password to unlock this. The laptop service centre also does not know how to help. I read through the forum discussions here and saw that you might be able to help me recover my laptop. 

Please advise on what I should do? Thank you. 

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Who Me Too'd this topic