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My Site Marked As Dangerous!

The McAfee Site Advisor has wrongly marked my website https://growthrealm.com/ as dangerous. My website is hosted by a reputable hosting company on a very secure site. I have scanned the website and the scan has shown that there is nothing wrong with the site in terms of security.

When I checked McAfee's report as to why my site is marked as dangerous on their site -  Error  - which as can be seen is displayed as an "error", this is what I found as the reason "https://growthrealm.c​om/ URL entered (https://growthrealm.com/ ) is not a valid website URL or has no data".

If you visit my website above, it will be found that it is a valid and functional website with a lot contents. So, to say that the website is not valid and has no data, and for this reason mark the site as dangerous is very damaging! Please, I need help to rectify this problem as I have put a lot of time and resources to build this website.



Who Me Too'd this topic