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How to solve "Your computer is at risk: Real-Time Scanning is off"


Today the McAfee Real-Time scanning stopped running and a red alert is shown.

When I click on On, it turns to green for just one second and turn back ro red.

I unistalled and reinstalled McAfee Total Protection... but the problem persists!.

I contacted McAfee customer service and suggested me to uninstall and reinstall the McAfee Total Protection using MCRP.... the problem persists!

In the event viewer the following error message is repeated today near 64 times (16 times in the last hour):

Process **\McAPExe.exe pid (####) contained unsigned or corrupted code and was blocked from performing a privileged operation with a McAfee driver.

I never had any problem with McAfee Total Protection before.

Can anybody help me?

Thanx in advance

P.D: My box is MS-Windows 7 - 64 bit. 16 GB RAM

Who Me Too'd this topic