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verify client tasks


I have a few thousand computers under EPO and I noticed that although OAS was cleaning lots and lots of viruses, as these computers were migrated from other network which did not even have AV. Still there was some infections in rarely used files.

So I setup client tasks with full scans to eradicate the plague. I would like to verify that they are clean, what would be the best method?

I was changed the event filter to include client task reporting, but the event system is not working ok since patch 4.0.2. Anyway to determine if all the tasks ran on all computers, because some are offline for one reason or another at the scheduled time. Will the task run when the computered is back online?

Will the findings appear in the events? Like which were the viruses clean and if there was instances where deletion or cleaning failed?

Think I will get the events back up with the changing of the account where the event parser is running, thanks to the forum. grin